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Arundel High School PTSO
Key Focus Areas for 2022-2023 School Year



We're here to support students so they can succeed. It's about more than red folders in high school - we'll be finding programs that resonate with students so we can engage them in a way that makes an impact.



With close to 2,500 families at Arundel, we're a diverse group and we want parents to feel welcome being a part of the PTSO! We're committing to reaching more parents this year through new communications vehicles and outreach efforts.



You're with these students five days a week. You've developed relationships with them, which are far different than the ones they have with anyone else. We need your help to accomplish our goals to support students. 

We'll ask for wish lists, but what is your dream for Arundel? How can we help you succeed? 


Community Development

Arundel High School is home to the Community Development and Global Citizenship Signature program. Our school is a vital part of a greater community and it's important we provide additional community service opportunities for our students.


The PTSO will champion projects that bring together students, parents and staff toward a common goal. 

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